Mike Ditucci  Cool Headlights

Lisa Daniels  1974 One owner car all original.  Her dad bought it new


​Steve Lesso

Jeff Dietrich

​Bob Fett

Nick Sakulenzki    1971 S/N 1494.  375ci Stroker, 4 Bolt Mains, CHI 3V Heads, Australian Muscle Power intake,  MSD Ignition, GTS Headers & Exhaust, Up-Graded -2 Transmission, Wilwood Brakes, 

​Mark Pinson

Chuck Kedding

Kevin Govett

Gene Orr

Matt Bradley

Frank Jerome

Pat Lobb

Scott Black

John Neal  1974 Pantera Purchased in June 1979.  Many Modifications for Improved Drivability.  34,000 miles

Ted Mitchell  1973 L Model Modified as a Group 4 Type.  Vader Pantera.  Engine is a Highly Modified, Internally Ballanced 351 Cleveland, With a Special Clearanced Magnacharger Dual Roots Type Supercharger Driven Off The Front of the Engine.  The Fuel System Consists of 8 Port Injectors on a Custom Intake Manifold and 4 Smaller Throttle Body Fuel Injectors at Each Supercharger for a Total of 16 Injectors.  Custom Electromotive Ignition/Injector Setup for the 16 injectors.  All Toothed Belt Drive System Including A/C Co,pressor, Alternator, Water Pump, and Superchargers.  Custom Pistons allow 9:1 compression Ratio With Closed Chambered Heads and 8 PSI Boost on Pump Gas.  Aviad Oil Pan, Crane Cam, ect, ect.  The Engine Produces Over 500hp.